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Player's Club - 2018


  Cheers and Tears Newsletter

Since March...

BARBARA NELSON fell off her bike and broke her "other" foot: 799 Hickman Dr, Ocean View DE 19970


MARY KAY REILLY made Life Master needing .21 Gold playing with Marilyn Haskins in OPEN PAIRS.  She celebrated by getting a puppy:  3 Robin Ct, Lewes DE 19958


Death Notices:

GAIL TRUITT: June - Family, 123 Kingsbridge Rd, Rehoboth Beach DE 19971

PAUL HARRINGTON,Judy's husband - Judy Harrington, 16 Somerset Rd, Rehoboth Beach DE 19971

JEAN ARCHINO: Dave's wife - Dave Archino, 1 Eagle Way, Rehoboth Beach DE 19971

RON DARINGER:  Dolores' husband, Delores Daringer, 5240 Primrose Ct, Apt 203, Cambridge MD 21613

JEAN MOXLEY passed away. We know she's having a wonderful game in heaven with Charles Goren.

CARL MYERS:  Jane's husband in November, 651 104th Avenue North, Naples FL 34108. 
    Sympathy donations can be sent to AVOW Hospice, 1095 Whippoorwill Ln, Naples FL 34105. 

    Carl's obituary will be in The Washington Post, December 5.

MARY WAND, Don's wife:  Don Wand, U112 Woodlands-Ocean Pines, 1135 Ocean Prkwy, Ocean Pines MD 21811


   2020 Quarterly Club Champions

SHUFFLES --     Tuesday Mornings, Ocean View

1st Qtr-

2nd Qtr-

3rd Qtr- 

4th Qtr-                       


                       Wednesday Afternoons, Lewes (Summer)




                        Thursday Mornings, Ocean View

1st Qtr- 

2nd Qtr-

3rd Qtr-

4th Qtr-  





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  Rank Achievements



 Barbara Weissenberger, Henry Weissenberger

Club Master:


Sectional Master:

 Tom Bason

Regional Master:

 Cele Mitchell

NABC Master:

 Marilyn Haskins, Cindy Hoadley

Advanced NABC Master:

 Mary Kay Reilly

Life Master:

 Diana Erney, Mary Kay Reilly

Bronze Life Master:


Silver Life Master:


New Category* 1/1/2016

Ruby Life Master 

1500: 300 S,R,G

 Dorothy Hand, Anna DeLapo


Gold Life Master:

Trina Williams, Paula Varrassi

New Category* 1/1/2016

Sapphire Life Master 

3500:  700 S,R,G 


    Diamond Life Master:

Bob Keeney


                Emerald Life Master:  Eli Solomon


Barbara Tasevoli - Angel of Mercy, fall 2016

Harpist, Barbara Tasevoli, regularly visits the medical/surgical unit of Atlantic General Hospital in Berlin MD to help reduce patient anxieties and fears. Families share their experiences after music therapy interventions and stated "it was beautiful and brightened our day."  No one knows all the ways music helps the body.  Studies have shown brain waves, brain circulation and stress hormones show the beneficial effects shortly after music therapy.  Barbara provides music for the soul and joy for many hearts.


                                                           Excerpts From:  atlanticgeneral.org/care.together





  Peggy Sander - Junior Master - fall of 2015

I first played bridge in 1997 after my father and father-in-law both passed away. We wanted an activity we could do with our mothers. So we took night-school classes of bridge. Those classes gave us the basic skills to be able to play social bridge.
However, I only played for a few years. Other than our mothers, not many people I knew actually played bridge.

Then in the summer of 2014 some friends mentioned they were taking bridge lessons from a great teacher in Ocean View. I'll have to admit I was a bit skeptical about taking lessons. Why would I need lessons? How hard could bridge be? I knew the basics. What else would there be to learn?

However, I decided to try these lesson. What a huge awakening! First of all, Dini Romito is a fantastic bridge teacher! She knows her stuff and presents it in a fun and challenging way. I am still amazed at all she knows and all I have yet to learn. She is kind, encouraging and very supportive!

In October of 2014 she suggested I join the ACBL. I had started playing duplicate in Ocean View and Rehoboth Beach, DE. She didn't want me to lose the points I had earned.
I've had some wonderful partners who have helped me along the way. I didn't earn those points by myself. Everyone I've partnered with has been kind and willing to share their knowledge and love of the game.

I have become obsessed with learning more and more about bridge. My bridge library currently contains 14 books. I read a little from one book, then switch to another, gathering information from well known experts.

One of the things I love about bridge is that you continue to learn every time you play. I still make lots of mistakes. However, I am starting to see them as I make them. Now I need to work at seeing them before I make them!

I never dreamed I would have so much fun and enjoyment from playing bridge.


Dolores O'Boyle - Junior Master - fall 2016


Many many years ago when I was very young,

A friend and I read Goren’s Book, love of bridge had then begun;

Other friends’ and neighbors quickly said, in no uncertain terms,

“Too much study time involved, no desire to read, to learn”;

So one day we heard “There’s a bridge game in town, just come in and you can play”,

So off we went to check it out, to see if we could stay….

And play some hands, what could we lose, after all we read Goren’s book,

We were seated at a table, introduced and then we looked,

No cards were dealt or taken, instead once played were all returned….

To the board, then passed on to be played again until played by all, we quickly learned;

Well the years rolled on, business demanded much time and my bridge days faded away,

Until late last year I decided to observe a duplicate game to see if I felt I could still play;

The first thing I learned, the Goren I played was no longer being used anywhere,

Conventions and strange bidding now ruled the day and to compete you must adapt if you care….

To stay in the game and win some points, after all winning is what we all want to do,

And if you play your cards right and luck is on your side, you’ll pick up a couple of points too;

So now I’m a Junior Life Master, at this time of my life, I think to accomplish that really is a blast,

But the real benefis of the game are the friendships I’ve made, and that soothes me if I come in last;

So I look forward to continuing and improving my game, even collect some more points along the way,

And win, lose or draw, I’ll continue to play, even sneak some Goren in….but I’ll never say.

     Dolores O'Boyle



Shuffles 20th Anniversary - fall 2015


During the 20th anniversary celebration of Shuffles Bridge Club, Ocean View on

October 1, Director Dini Romito was honored by local players.  Letters of

commendation were sent from the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) and

the Delaware State Bridge Association (DSBA).


Carol Robertson, Director of Club and Member Services, ACBL, Horn Lake MS, wrote,
"We have been thrilled to see your passion for bridge through directing, managing,

teaching, serving on the National Goodwill Committee and more.  Education and high ethics are two things that preserve the game, and your efforts to promote both are

exceptional."  Alan Horowitz, DSBA President, wrote, "...you are, without question,

a bridge promoter, teacher, director extraordinaire...one of the game's true



Rich Bloch of The Dickens Theatre, Millville, performed magic tricks to the delight

of 88 players in attendance.  A special game followed the luncheon, cooked by none

other than Who-DINI.


Ms Romito was very appreciative of the accolades and acknowledgments while

thanking so many who helped over the years.  One of Dini's core values is enriching

the lives of others both mentally and socially.  She is gratified that hundreds of her

students enjoy the pleasure of playing bridge every week. 



   Pat Tylander, Life Master, February 2016


Hi Dini,
You may be in Florida, but I wanted to let you know the good news.  I have been to the Sarsota Regional for the past 2 days.  I came needing 4.77 points.  I had all my colors so Gold didn't matter.  Pat Preziosi played on a Swiss team with my Ohio partner and I.  We came in and got 2 plus Gold.  Then Tina Brinsfield and I played Gold Rush and came in 1st in our section for more Gold.  Last night, I needed 1.71 and the Ohio group helped me with a Swiss match.  We were in a 3000 bracket came in 2nd and got 6.71 Gold.  Bingo...Life Master!

Thank you friend and Mentor.  You started me on this path and I am grateful for all the partnerships you arranged to get me here.

See you in Spring,
Smiles and hugs,
Pat Tylander



                    Diana Erney, Life Master, Fall 2019


                  Diana was born in Puerto Rico to parents working in a sewing factory and Bethlehem Steel.  At school getting straight A's was expected, not applauded.  Her mother's mantra was, "Education, daughter, education!" Following a degree from Bloomsburg University she spent her working career in the teaching profession.  Diana's ongoing life support systems include: a husband, Dana, who is her best friend and mentor; a son, daughter and five grandchildren; friends who share the good and bad times.  Getting involved in bridge adds a delightful and unexpected dimensjion to Diana's life--the partners that work tirelessly to help reach her goals; and all the opponents that teach her that bridge rankings are a worthwhile yet humbling endeavors.  Diana attained her goal of LIFE MAStER in 2019.





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