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Dini Romito


Ask anyone about bridge at the Delaware shore and Dini's name will soon be mentioned. She has been directing games there for 20 years and teaching bridge for 35 years, wherever and whenever anyone wanted to learn.  She says of her passion,


If I had my way, everyone would play bridge and reap the winning benefits. Those that don't play are missing out on a lifetime of fun and excitement.


Soon after returning from overseas, Dini achieved Life Master status in the American Contract Bridge League.  She then opened Shuffles Bridge Club and dedicated her energy into running an all-around club for players at all skill levels. Shuffles is an ACBL sanctioned duplicate game in District 4 and the Delaware State Bridge Association, Unit 190.  Two recent articles featured the bridge games in her clubs, Beach Life Magazine, November, 2010, and Coastal Point Newspaper, October 15, 2010 and November 9, 2015.

Shuffles soon earned the reputation of being a great, competitive game.  The philosophy behind its success is quite simple.  Dini has said,


The club offers many pleasures and challenges.  Players come to the weekly games for different reasons:  to see smiling faces, to be hugged, to play good competitive bridge, to learn, to be part of the fun, to attend special parties and celebrations, to be recognized, to win contests and awards; and, quite frankly, some just come to eat.  That's okay, too!  We have something for everyone and love them all.


Dini learned the Acblscore software program for electronic game scoring. Soon thereafter she began teaching the program to other directors and managers in other Delaware and nearby Maryland clubs. She encouraged many players to become directors and participated in their training.  Some have since started their own games.  

Harold Jordan, former Unit 190 President, told Dini she would soon have all 900 year-round Bethany Beach residents playing bridge.  Dini's focus for students was more than on learning and improving bridge skills. It included:  how bridge ethics affect the game, how to treat a partner, how to be a good opponent, how to prepare for tournaments, how to utilize their ACBL memberships, how to set goals for reaching higher rankings and to understand how the Laws of Contract Bridge affect them at the table.

District 4 voted Dini to the American Contract Bridge League's Goodwill Committee.  This was a lifetime appointment for dedication to the betterment of ACBL, particularly in the area of active ethics, conduct, tournament conditions and promoting bridge.

Dini managed six sessions of duplicate in southern Delaware under SHUFFLES BRIDGE CLUB with the knowledgeable assistance of local directors. Locations are Ocean View, Lewes and Rehoboth Beach.  Shuffles celebrated its 15th anniversary on September 30, 2010.  The Delaware State Bridge Association named Dini, Ms Southern Delaware Bridge, in a unique, framed proclamation.  In October 2015, memorable letters from Carol Robertson, ACBL Director of Club and Member Services, and Alan Horowitz, Unit 190 President, were sent in honor of Shuffles 20th anniversary naming Dini a true ambassador of the game.

So why the name Who-Dini? The magic was BRIDGE, helped along by Dini's constant smile, humor, laughter and a genuine love of people and the game we play.



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